A Giant LEAP forward for the Performing Arts Centre Project!

Thank you for your support!
Lethbridge City Council has demonstrated their commitment to building a performing arts centre in Lethbridge in their recent Capital Improvement Program!

On May 23, 2017 City Council approved the 2018 – 2027 Capital Improvement Plan, prioritizing projects over the next four years. The following resolutions were passed by Council:

  • Part A: THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT $6,200,000 (2018 dollars) for detailed design be included in 2021.
  • Part B: THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the 2018-2027 Draft Capital Improvement Program be amended to include $375,000 for a Performing Arts Centre study commencing in 2018, Project D-34 (Draft CIP: D-50), Performing Arts Centre;
  • and FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE remaining $62,000,000 (2018 dollars) for construction be included in the 2022–2025 Capital Improvement Program with funding contingent on a Provincial Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) replacement program;
  • and FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT a Steering Committee be established for this project with members of City Council included in the membership;
  • and FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Steering Committee include, as part of its oversight on this project, the development of a Business Plan and Operational Options to be presented for Council’s consideration and approval;
  • and FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City Manager develop a funding strategy around Project D-34 (Draft CIP: D-50).

Thank you to our many supporters who emailed, called and wrote letters to Council expressing your support for this project and thank you for signing up to be a member of the Next Stage, demonstrating support to allow us to share your name with Council on our list of supporters.

The work of the Performing Arts Centre Advocacy Group is not complete. The group will continue to work in the community, bringing awareness of the need for the performing arts centre in our community. We will also keep Next Stage supporters up to date as the project progresses.

It isn’t too late to show your support for a Performing Arts Centre by purchasing a membership in the “Next Stage” initiative. Your name will be added to a list of community supporters and you will receive e-newsletter updates on the project. Receive a button and/or window cling to demonstrate your support. Money received from the Next Stage initiative will go into a dedicated Arts Re:Building fund to help move the project forward.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Join The Next Stage Initiative by purchasing a membership for $5. Available at the AAC 7th Street Office, Casa and online at lethbridgeperformingartscentre.org.
  • Display your support by wearing the Next Stage Pin or by displaying the Next Stage Window Cling.
  • Use the hashtag #nextstageYQL on social media when you attend performing arts events in Southern Alberta.
  • Be sure to connect with us on Facebook!

Questions? Visit lethbridgeperformingartscentre.org
E: info@lethbridgeperformingartscentre.org