March 2019 Performing Arts Steering Committee Report

The Performing Arts Steering Committee submitted a report to City Council on March 4, 2019

Click here to download theĀ  Performing Arts Centre Steering Committee Report 03.04.19

Of note, the committee established a vision statement and guiding principles for the project that are very exciting:

The Performing Arts Centre (PAC) is a multi-use performing arts and community facility that showcases both emerging and experienced performers. The PAC is a vibrant regional hub that energizes the community and captures the cultural and economic vitality of live artistic performance.

Guiding Principles
The PAC will always be a busy space. As a vibrant hub for the community, the facility will support and foster a variety of performing arts and community-based uses. It will be versatile and nimble, designed to grow, develop, change, and adapt alongside our evolving community.

A successful PAC will enable collaboration among artists, arts groups, community partners, and businesses. It will be supported and used by as many stakeholders as possible and could serve as an anchor for the potential future development of an entertainment district.

The PAC will provide space for all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to come together to share in the performing arts. It will create opportunities for members of our community to share in programs and performing arts presentations.

From the construction of the building and its operations and amenities to facility
programming and presentations, all PAC decisions will help create a viable facility now and for years to come.